• A silky oil-based, Korean-inspired facial cleaanser in a convenient stick. A fabulous formula that dissolves makeup and leaves skin soft, clean and makeup -free. This is a solid balm that glides on and melts into a nourishing oil. With the addition of a small amount of water it then turns into a milky cream. Pure hydration without leaving a greasy feel. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive and maturing skin! 

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  • Maringa is a natural product that is known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Charcoal is deep cleansing and removes impurities from the pores. 

Ingredients: Olivem 1000, cetearyl alcohol, evening primrose oil, fractionated coconut oil,  babassu oil, castor oil, poly 80,  dimethicone, sunflower lecithin, Vitamin E T50, optiphen.

Maringa stick also includes maringa oil and maringa powder.

Charcoal stick also includes tea tree oil and activated charcoal.

Each stick is 2.5 oz/71 gm

Solid Oil Facial Cleansing Stick