So much lather from one little bar!! A couple of swipes across your hair is all you need. And one of these shampoo bars will last for about 30 washes. Choose from Calendula + Argan for all hair types; VegeKeratin + Argan for normal and color treated hair;  Baob + Argan for dry, damaged or color treated hair; or Blondie for normal and color treated hair.

Ingredients: Sodium coco isothionate, btms 50, cetyl alcohol, distilled water, panthenol, liquid germall plus, fragrance, mica.  Calendula + Argan also contains shea butter, argan oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, dried calendula.  Baob + Argan also contains Coconut oil, coco betaine, baob hydrosol, argan oil.  VegeKeratin + Argan also contains Coconut oil,  argan oil, VegeKeratin. Blondie also contains coconut oil, cocamidopropyl betaine and violet #2.

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Size: 3 oz


Shampoo Bars