Apply a THIN layer to your face and breathe in the rich aroma of.  When the mask dries, wash it off with warm water.  Use for dry and sensitive skin - it contains rich and luxurious oils. Loaded with Vitamins A and E and will leave skin smooth and silky.

Ingredients: Lavender Mask contains-Argan oil, avoocado oil,kaolin clay, purple brazilian clay,evening primrose extract, lavender essential oil, phenonip, polysorbate 60, cetylstearyl alcohol, distilled water.

                  Moringa Mask contains- Moringa seed oil, avocado oil, moringa leaf powder, teatree essential oil, phenonip, polysorbate 60,  cetylstearyll alcohol, distilled water. 

size: 5 ounces

Lavender Clay Mask 0r Moringa Clay Mask