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All of our products are handmade in New York State's Hudson Valley.

We use no animal products in our soaps and none of our ingredients have been tested on animals. We feel strongly about protecting our environment and use recycled materials

whenever possible!

Skin is your First Line of Defense. Be good to it!

All of our ingredients are vegan, sustainable, and organic when possible. We use no Parabens and our fragrance oils are all Phthalate free. 

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Check out some special gifts in our popular scents

We are all hoping for an end to the Covid-19 global crisis and we hope you are all safe during this stressful time. It is difficult for us because we  miss seeing all of you - our loyal customers. Hopefully this will be over soon and we can learn what the "new normal" will look like. Until then, please be safe, continue with social distancing, and wash your hands often.

It's that time of year when we are working in the yard and/or the garden. If Poison Ivy or Poison Oak get on your skin, Jewelweed is Nature's Poison Ivy Remedy Plant. It will take away the itch and help you to heal more quickly. Apply the salve to affected areas and feel the relief right away. It can also be used as a preventative to be applied to skin before going outside. Use the soap to wash away any of the plant oil from your skin and this can also soothe the area(s) of contact.

Jewel Weed Salve and Soap

favors for special events

We can provide you with customized wedding and shower favors or favors for any other type of event! Show us your ideas or we can provide you with photos. You can choose the color, scent, wrapping and wording. 
Call us to discuss your dream!


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Lavender Shea Body Butter